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Research Facilities
Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University  
The focus of the Institute is to examine issues facing the beef industry through education, research and outreach and to provide beef producers with the most current education, research and outreach available. 
Iowa Beef Center  
The Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University was formed in 1996 in order to support the growth and vitality of the state's beef industry. Team members include on-campus faculty and staff as well as ISU Extension specialists across the state. The Center offers a wide range of services, including on-farm consultations, demonstrations, educational programs and more. The website includes a calendar, upcoming events and current information on all aspects of the beef industry in Iowa. 
Livestock Behavior Research Unit  
The mission of the Livestock Behavior Research Unit, a unit of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, is to develop scientific measures of animal well-being, through the study of animal behavior, stress physiology, immunology, neurophysiology, and cognition, that will allow an objective evaluation of animal agricultural practices.  
MSU Beef Cattle Research and Teaching Center (BCRTC)  
The MSU Beef Cattle Research and Teaching Center (BCRTC) conducts basic and applied beef cattle (ruminant) research and teaching that benefits beef cattle producers and ultimately the consumers of Michigan. The facility was built in 1964 from legislative appropriations and donations from the Michigan agricultural industry. 
North American Institute for Beef Economic Research  
The North American Institute for Beef Economic Research (NAIBER) is a collaborative effort between members of the US and Canadian beef industry to address complex issues facing the North American beef industry. NAIBER serves as a center for knowledge discovery and information dissemination on critical economic issues facing the North American beef industry. 
OSU Purebred Beef Cattle Center  
The primary justification of the Oklahoma State University (OSU) Purebred Beef Cattle Center is teaching. Purebred beef cattle are bred and raised at OSU to furnish students with examples of high performing, modern type cattle which are used extensively in numerous courses taught in the Department of Animal Science as well as in the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture and Natural Resources. The objective of the breeding program is to produce structurally sound, functional cattle with the genetic merit to meet the needs of all segments of the beef industry and be in demand by other breeders. 
Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center  
Scientists at the USMARC develop new technology in order to increase the efficiency of livestock production and benefit consumers. The USMARC was authorized by Congress in 1964, and is situated on 35,000 acres near Clay Center, Nebraska. The USMARC is administered by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) within the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 
Texas A&M University Beef Center  
The Texas A&M Beef Center is a public and academic nucleus for the interpretation and dissemination of information on all aspects of ranching and the beef cattle industry. The Center provides a facility for public meetings and industry events. Center personnel have the expertise to identify and address critical needs of the beef cattle industry, while increasing communication among all Texas A&M University System faculty and staff involved in beef.  
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