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Breeds of Cattle


Agripedia - Beef Breeds  
This page features links to information about many of the beef breeds. Agripedia was developed by the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture.  
Beef Cattle Breeds and Biological Types  
An overview of beef cattle breeds and biological types, Virginia Cooperative Extension, including information about traits and selecting breeds. Also available as a PDF. 
Breeds of Cattle  
This site, from Cattle Today, provides descriptions of cattle breeds from many different nations. 
Breeds of Livestock - Cattle  
An educational and informational resource created by Oklahoma State University on the breeds of livestock found throughout the world. The cattle breeds are listed alphabetical by the breed name. Each entry includes the history, general characteristics, and other basic information about the breed, as well as photographs when available.  



American Angus Association
The American Angus Association is the nation's largest beef registry association with over 30,000 adult and junior members. Their goal is to serve the beef cattle industry, and increase the production of consistent, high quality beef that will better satisfy consumers throughout the world. Here you will find information about many of the programs the Association offers its members and the commercial cattle producers who use registered Angus bulls.
Angus Advantages
This pdf brochure from the American Angus Association presents the advantages of the Angus breed.
Angus Foundation
The Angus Foundation, an affiliate of the American Angus Association, was established in 1980 under the laws of the State of Illinois as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization to fund and support programs involving education, youth and research in the Angus breed and the agricultural industry.
Canadian Angus Association
Officially named the Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association, these pages are titled the trade name of the association. The mission of the association is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed. This web site contains information about membership, history of the breed, programs available to members, an online herdbook, etc.
Certified Angus Beef
The Certified Angus Beef Program was formed in 1978 to provide assurances of beef quality and flavor to consumers, who during the 1970s were largely dissatisfied with beef quality. It was a venture that strengthened relationships between the American Angus Association, the world's largest beef cattle registry, and beef producers, packers and distributors. Today, Certified Angus Beef LLC functions as a not-for-profit division of the American Angus Association.
History of polled Aberdeen or Angus cattle
Written in 1882 and a part of the Core Historical Literature of Agriculture, this item describes the early origins, improvement, and characteristics of the breed.
National Junior Angus Association
The Junior Activities Department of the American Angus Association was started in 1956. Its purpose then was to encourage young people to become involved with Angus steer and heifer projects and to help them do a better job with their projects. Today that purpose has been expanded to include more projects and programs that help juniors develop their skills and character.



American-International Charolais Association
The AICA is the international organization for the Charolais breed. The site includes sections for performance, registration, juniors, news, links, and the organizations magazine, The Charolais Journal.
Canadian Charolais Association
Designed to promote and facilitate the breeding of superior Charolais cattle and the development of dedicated breeders, this site provides research papers, fact sheets, rules and regulations compatible with the Animal Pedigree Act of the Parliament of Canada, a breeders tool box and other resources.
A description and history of the breed from Oklahoma State University.
Charolais Breed Information
This page, from the British Charolais Cattle Society, provides a detailed description of the Charolais breed including breed history and development.
Charolais International
This organization, previously known as Fédération Internationale des Associations d’Eleveurs de Charolais, promotes the Charolais breed worldwide and encourages the interaction between various national breed organizations and associations. The site is also available in French.
Herd Book Charolais
This organization registers purebred Charolais cattle, breeders, and manages genealogical record of the breed in France. This site is also available in French.
Influence of the Charolais breed on beef production
This historical document from the University of Florida discusses the early history and impact of the Charolais breed in the United States and in Florida.



American Hereford Association
The American Hereford Associations’s flagship Web site, where producers can get information on programs and services, member and industry links, and contacts.
Certified Hereford Beef
Home of CHB LLC. A consumerbased Web site that also contains information for CHB® retail and foodservice customers. The site showcases exciting new recipes and contains a complete list of CHB retail supermarkets, retail distributors and foodservice distributors by state. In addition, you’ll find information about the CHB® brand, how to market your cattle through CHB, and CHB LLC staff information.
Dutch Hereford Society
De DHS ofwel Dutch Hereford Society bestaat in 2007 15 jaar en is in die tijd sterk gegroeid. Inmiddels zijn er meer dan 100 enthousiaste fokkers aangesloten bij de Dutch Hereford Society. En nog steeds groeit de club sterk.
National Junior Hereford Association
Home to the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA). On the site is information about upcoming NJHA events, contest details, available scholarships and NJHA board member contacts.
Suomen Hereford Yhdistys (Finland Hereford Association)
Suomen Hereford Ry on valtakunnallinen Suomessa toimivien Hereford-kasvattajien PR-yhdistys, joka on myös World Councilin jäsen. Yhdistys pyrkii toimimaan suomalaisen pihvilihan kasvattajien ja ystävien linkkinä. Yhtenä päätarkoituksena on myös Hereford-rodun jalostuksen edistäminen Suomessa ja siihen liittyvien kansainvälisten suhteiden ylläpitäminen. Suomen Hereford Ry julkaisee vuosittain "Tuottava Hereford" -lehden. Alan näyttelyissä ollaan esittelemässä Hereford toimintaa.
World Hereford Conference
The World Hereford Council boasts a huge membership from 22 different countries. 14,010 adult and approximately 5,000 junior members, plus thousands more family members and commercial clients provide huge support for the Hereford breed. The breed is the second largest beef breed in the world but the camaraderie which exists among Hereford breeders is second to none. The World Hereford Conference takes place every four years.
World Hereford Council
Association dedicated to preserving, and improving, the inherited constitution, purity and docility of the Hereford cattle breed.



History of Limousin
Provides a brief history of the breed in Europe as well as its introduction to Canada and the United States.
The Canadian Limousin Association (CLA) is a non-profit, member-owned organization. The primary function is to maintain the pedigree herdbook of Limousin cattle in Canada. They are committed to the betterment of the Limousin breed by way of performance programs, research, education, advertising & promotion. Their goal is to add value to the commercial beef industry through the infusion of Limousin genetics into progressive crossbreeding programs.
Limousin Cattle
Provides a brief history of the breed, including breeders' efforts to modify the temperament of the breed.
North American Limousin Foundation
The North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) is a not-for-profit organization established to promote, develop and improve the Limousin breed of cattle. Founded in 1968, the foundation has grown to register more than 60,000 head of cattle each year. Primarily, NALF is entrusted with maintaining, documenting and recording ownership, pedigrees and performance of cattle in the Limousin Herd Book.



American Simmental Association
The Association's primary objectives are the development, registration and promotion of the Simmental breed of cattle in the United States. The Association site provides herd book services, news, searchable databases, ASA programs, as well as information on genetic evaluation, management and marketing services.
Asociacion Mexicana Simmethal & Simbrah
Founded in 1973 this Mexican association aims to bring into it ranks breeders of Simmental and Simbrah cattle in their different crosses to establish and pursue national certification of purity levels to protect farmers and other acquirers of the animals or their descendants.
This site encourages the Pedigree Breeding of Simmental Cattle and develops and promotes the use of Simmental Cattle as an outstanding suckler cow and fast growing terminal sire.
Simmental NZ
The Society's pages for members. It includes news, reports and photos from Beef Expo for 2006 and 2007, sale results, sales catalogs and other information available only to members.
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