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Foot and Mouth Disease
In October 2006, AHN and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, with partial funding from The Beef Checkoff, hosted the first-ever FMD Summit. This landmark event gathered representatives from organizations and institutions that will be on the front lines during an FMD outbreak. The Summit focused on FMD preparedness from four critical perspectives — prevention, detection, response and recovery. Throughout the Summit, attendees challenged the agriculture sector and government agencies to continue talking about preparedness to ensure recovery if plagued by this devastating disease. This FMD Summit summary is a tool for directing continued efforts related to prevention, detection, response and recovery 
This brief overview of the disease is from Cattle Today's listing of the common diseases of beef cattle including their symptoms, treatment and prevention.  
Foot-and-mouth Disease 
A brief overview of the disease issued by Federation of American Scientists. 
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