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Basic Beef Cattle Nutrition  
This factsheet, from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, provides a basic overview of beef cattle nutrition 
Management Software Tools  
These software tools, from The Beef Cattle Institute, are in a variety of formats and include calculators for cow/calf producers, feed lots, marketing, and nutrition. 
Manipulation of grass supply to meet demand  
Grazed grass is generally the cheapest form of feed available for beef and milk production in Ireland. Grass growth is variable during the year with a peak in May/June and a secondary peak in August. There is poor synchrony between grass supply and feed demand on beef and dairy farms. This project examined the possibility of reducing the grass growth peak in May/June and increasing grass supply later in the year by altering nitrogen application pattern and extending autumn rotation lengths. 
Remote Winter Watering Systems for Beef Cattle  
This document describes ways to provide water to the herd during the cold of a Manitoba winter 
Water Requirements and Safety for Cattle Following a Disaster  
This document describes how to keep cattle hydrated following a disaster  


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