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Beef Cattle Reproductive Cycle, Estrous Synchronization Protocols  
Learn more about the understanding and application of estrous synchronization protocols for beef cows and heifers. This is an audio recording. 
Dr. Temple Grandin's Web Page  
A webpage that provides links to articles authored by Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin has researched livestock behaviour during handling and transport, humane slaughter, the design of facilities and restraining systems. 
Evaluating the Breeding Soundness of Beef Bulls  
Evaluating breeding soundness of bulls is an often neglected management practice. This guide, from New Mexico State University, discusses how and when to evaluate breeding soundness. 
Management Software Tools  
These software tools, from The Beef Cattle Institute, are in a variety of formats and include calculators for cow/calf producers, feed lots, marketing, and nutrition. 
Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of the Bull  
This guide from University of Missouri Extension is an overview of the reproductive anatomy and physiology of the bull. 
Synchronizing Estrus In Beef Cattle  
Synchronization of estrus (heat) involves manipulating the estrous cycle of beef females so they can be bred at approximately the same time. There are several protocols available for synchronizing estrus among beef females. Traditional protocols are designed to mimic or control the corpus luteum on the ovary. New protocols have been designed to control ovulation and/or the follicular waves that occur on the ovary during the 21-day estrous cycle. 
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